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Club Handguns


Club handguns are available on Saturday to members only. There is no fee for their use, the cost is built into your club fees.

The conditions are as follows.

  • Competition shooters will be given priority over practice shooters.
  • Only club ammunition is to be used in club guns (members own .22 subsonic ammunition may be used..
  • Club handguns are for members only, unless authorised by the committee of management.
  • Club identification (white card) and HANDGUN license must be produced when a handgun is being issued.
  • The club guns are not to be handed to someone else when finished shooting. They must be brought back to the Senior Duty Person for re-issue.
  • Club handguns are to be cleaned by the person who used the handgun, at the direction of the senior duty officer of the day.
  • Repairs or adjustments to club handguns shall only be done by persons authorised to do so by the committee of management.
  • Handguns will not be given out after 2.30pm.