Melton Pistol Club Inc.

Incorporated in Victoria

Clarkes Rd. Melton South

Postal Address: PO. Box 43 Melton 3337

Phone 9743 7756 (Club hours only)

Web Site:

    ABN 22 473 263 478







1.      Completed applications (including 2 completed applications, 2 passport photos, police check, references, provisional handgun licence application and completed club safety test) and the appropriate fees are presented to the Committee.

2.      The joining fee is $50 plus pro rata membership fees to June 30. New members joining in May or June pay to June 30 the following year.

3.      If successful, the applicant is notified. If unsuccessful, monies are refunded.

4.      Until their provisional licence is received, all shooting will be under NORI. (Notice of receiving Instruction). A maximum of 10 NORI’s are permitted.

  1. New members will be introduced to pistol shooting via air pistol. When Committee is satisfied that the new member is safe and proficient in the use of an air pistol their “white card” will be endorsed. They can then move onto the use of .22 pistols. Once found to be safe and proficient in the use of the .22 pistol they must be tested. If they have passed this stage then their “white card” can be endorsed for .22 and they can move onto centre fire pistols if they wish. The same “white card” procedure for centre fire pistols ensues.
  2. During the first 6 months at the Club new members must pass the Police Safety Test which is carried out at the Club at no charge. During this time, new members will be under the observation of Committee members and senior club members.
  3. After 6 months membership, new members can apply for their full pistol licence. They must have completed the appropriate safety tests and competed in a minimum of 5 club competitions. The full licence should be supported by a senior club member who has mentored/coached that member and can vouch for that member.

8.      Upon gaining their full licence new members can apply for their first pistol. This application must be made to Committee.

9.      Please email the club on for the full membership package.