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Owning Guns

Provisional General Category Handgun Licence Application:

To become eligible to apply for a full licence you need to have participated in club activities for a minimum of six months, during this time you will need a provisional licence.

Handgun Target Shooting Licence Application:

To be eligible to apply for a “Handgun Target Shooting Licence” you must;

  1. Have been a member of the club for at least six months.
  2. Have your fingerprints on file with the Police,
  3. Have completed the club “Handgun Safety Course".
  4. Have completed the police approved “Handgun Safety Course”.
  5. Have “safely participated in at least five approved matches”.
  6. Only after you have satisfied all of the above points will committee consider if you are eligible to own a handgun.

Permit To Acquire applications:

In the first six months of your Handgun Target Shooting Licence the Firearms Act only allows you to acquire;

  • an air pistol, or
  • a rimfire handgun, or
  • a centrefire handgun, or
  • a black powder handgun, or
  • an air pistol and a rimfire handgun, or
  • an air pistol and a centrefire handgun, or
  • an air pistol and a black powder handgun, or
  • a rimfire handgun and a black powder handgun, or
  • a centrefire handgun and a black powder handgun, or
  • an air pistol, a rimfire handgun and a black powder handgun, or
  • an air pistol, a centrefire handgun and a black powder handgun.

Application forms are available from police stations or downloaded from the vicpol site. This form together with a “Form 3” (available from the club) should be completed and submitted to the club secretary. The club secretary will then arrange for your safe to be inspected. All applications must be considered by the Club Committee before being endorsed and forwarded to the Licensing Services Division of the Victoria Police.

Club requirements:

  • To purchase a pistol you must have competed in at least 3 matches, one of which must be in the type of pistol you wish to purchase.
  • Example: if you competed in 1 Air Pistol, 1 Rapid Fire, 1 Standard Pistol you cannot purchase a centre-fire pistol.
  • If the first pistol you wish to purchase is a centre-fire pistol, then one extra centre-fire competition must be shot.
  • If you are applying for a “service / practical” semi-automatic centre-fire pistol (e.g.: 9mm) you will have to complete a safety course of instruction conducted by the CRO or authorised delegate.
  • All pistol applications will be passed through the committee of management meeting held on the last Saturday of each month.
  • All fully completed applications must be handed to the secretary or delegate no later than 4.00pm on the Saturday prior to the meeting.
  • All applications are subject to: Attendances, Competitions shot etc.

Attendances: (participation):

It is a condition of owning handguns that you participate in “Approved Matches” and/or “Club Shoots” a minimum number of times per year. The numbers are dependant on the “Classes” of handgun that you own. Your club secretary will give you the details.

Your club secretary is required to keep a record of your attendances, and provide an annual report to the Police. It is critical therefore that you complete the the necessary paperwork when attending the range.

The classes of handgun are;

  • Air (Class 1).
  • Rimfire (Class 2).
  • Centrefire not greater than 0·38 inch, and Black Powder (Class 3).
  • Centrefire greater than 0·38 inch (Class 4).

Approved Safes:

Victorian law requires that all handguns must be stored in a safe keeping facility when not in use. The basic definition of a safe is a container made out of a minimum of 6 mm mild steel, fitted with a five-lever (safe-type) lock and internal hinges or hinge. If the unit’s weight is less than 150kg then it must be secured to a wall, floor or other substantial structure. If secured to a floor or wall, a steel backing plate of reasonable size must be fitted so that the securing bolts cannot be forced out of the floor or wall. Securing bolts should be a minimum of 3/8 (10mm) and at least 4 should be fitted. The recommended way is to drill the backing plate, insert the bolts and arc-weld the bolt heads to the backing plate. This allows the nuts to be in the safe and prevents any external tampering. If secured to concrete, a minimum of 4 Loxins of similar dimension are required.

Safes such as sold by some supermarkets may not suitable for the above purpose. The locking and hinge mechanisms fitted to some of these safes are not sturdy or pick-proof enough to meet the above requirements. Approved types of safes are sold by most gun-dealers.

Transportation of Handguns:

When taking your handguns to or from a range they must be carried in a bag or case, and may not be taken out of the receptacle until you are on the range or you have returned home. If the handguns are carried in a bag or a case and you must stop at a shop or service station TRY NOT TO LET THE CAR OUT OF YOUR SIGHT as the security of your handguns is your sole responsibility, and should the handguns be lost or stolen the Victoria Police must be notified immediately, and if carelessness is involved, the Police will revoke your licence. They may take further action if it is deemed necessary. Also, ammunition is o be transported in a separate container from the handguns.

Disposal of Firearms:

There are two methods;

  1. Hand them to a gun dealer, the dealer will do all the paperwork.
  2. If you have arranged a private sale, you must have the transaction witnessed by a dealer. The dealer will do the necessary paperwork.

Handgun Licence Renewals:

Handgun licences are currently issued for three years. The application must be endorsed by the Club Secretary.

Change of Address:

If you have a Handgun Licence, or a Shooters Licence you must notify theLicensing and Regulation Division” within 7 days. Your safe may be inspected by the police at your new residence.

This is a condition on your licence and cannot be done by the secretary. Failure to do this could result in the confiscation of your firearms as you have contravened the licence condition.

You must also notify the Club Secretary in writing within 14 days.